Friday, January 14, 2011

Photography tips.. not by me :p

Hey guys...

I would loveeee to write about photography tips.. but I'm just not the right guy to give tips and advices. The only tips I can give is pick up your camera, turn it on, point .. then shoot. 
But I do, from time to time, come across photographers who give great tips. Among photographers blog I frequented for inspiration and tips are Mr. Wazari Wazir's. I've never met him personally, although I did saw him a few times around KLCC taking pictures.

His works sweeps to all planes of photography.. news, sports, travel, portraiture etc.

Mr. Wazari is a career photographer. What great life to have when your work is also your hobby. Go to his blog here, you'll never regret it. 

Others.. I will introduce them to you later.

Happy reading anddd... Happy Friday!