Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Street - KLCC to Petaling Street

Been a while since I last prowled the street.

This one was when I was on my way to send the wifey to bus station. This set of  photos are taken at the KLCC and Petaling Street. Both in Kuala Lumpur and both bubbling with life.

A friend's wedding - Haniza & Zul

My good friend Haniza Finally got married.. phewwww....

Okay, this happened last February 2012 and today is the end of May, my bad for uploading a few selected picts. Better late than never eh...

Both Haniza and Zul made a handsome couple. These few picts simply doesn't do them justice for which I apologize. I did not get the chance to get to the front that much anyway.

So ere you go, some picts of the couple .. and some friends on the side...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Penang walkabout...

I have always loved Penang!

Old buildings, rusty street signs and multi-racial society get to me every time. I could say I'm an 'old places' junkie. I don't know why, they just amaze me.

Another state that never cease to amaze me is Melaka. Check out The Streets of Melaka