Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Genting Highland - no reservation

Went to the Genting Highlands last weekend with the family, friends and kids. It has always been a favorite place for me to go simply because it's soooo near to my place and the kids just love it!

Genting Highland is basically a theme park like any other. Only that it is situated at higher grounds. Yes they do have snow, in a a controlled environment Snow World. There are two theme parks, the outdoor and the indoor. Both are fun, but the indoor park is more for the kids. The outdoor park is where the real fun is, for those who have the guts. Genting Highland is also a heaven for gamblers out there as it houses a few casinos. 

Alas, it is currently the monsoon season, so we avoided the outdoor. It is an open park, so it closes when it rains.

The kids had fun, we stood and watch..

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Friday, January 21, 2011

The gift of life campaign - some photos

The CSR gift of life blood donation campaign held recently was a hugeeee success.. A million thanks to those who turned up on that day.. and thank you too for all the help by the building management AJMB, Tabung Darah Negara, KIC Oil & Gas Group, KiSSC and everyone else who has helped to run and promote this event..

Some photos from the day:

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I'll see you guys again next time!