Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In a different light...

I am a color junkie... so it's quite hard (or near impossible) for me to see in black and white.  Hey.. the world is so full of vibrant colors.. so what's up the black and white?

But once a while, when the clouds turned gloomy.. and the mood turned ugly.. it is time to be melancholy. So weird how the mind works. Just a simple tweak of the color slider.. the once jovial picture of life took a dramatic turn...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Them... Us

The Lady...

Have you ever seen
A lady so pretty she
clears the sight of a blind man?
She walks the walk,
and be the talk of folks and friends.

World behold,
her smile a morning glory,
clear sunny eyes
Smells so sweet
lingers in the air where she walks by.

Listen when she laughed
Music to the ears for
he who hears
Eyes wide shut, head tilted back a little
Make us agree
she deserves the happiness so dear.

O what lucky man to have her
To see the sight so pretty
to smell the smell so sweet
To look into the eyes so clear
to hear the music of her laughter
to make he smile and laugh as she deserved.

O what lucky man to be,
lucky enough to be me...


Kindda fed up with things...

I'm not sure where things are heading... and to what end?



Friday, June 11, 2010

Out in the woods....

Been a while since I last updated this blog.

Some photos from my recent photo shoot.

More to come....