Friday, August 27, 2010

The sound of silence...

The sound of silence
fills my ears
with sight so serene
flowing in my being.
Never the same as any sight I've ever seen,
or any sweet thoughts in my dreams.

What is it that makes
the silence so inviting?
Is it the peace that it brings? or
is it the imagination that
comes along with the breath of wind.

So here i sit
thinking... wondering
what does it mean?...
My whole being singing,
while my spirit listen... hear,
dancing to a tune unheard
that only in mind rings so clear.

How I am thankful for this gift,
small it seems but so dear...
the sound of silence
flowing in my ears....

Friday, August 20, 2010

Among friends...

It's kinda weird these couple of months...

But don't ask me what's weird... I have no idea.. or I do but I'm reluctant to tell.. 

One day maybe...

Here's some random shot during the weird months:

And owh... to avoid any misunderstanding... the bottles in hand are not liquor bottles..   : )

The company of friends itself is intoxicating enough..

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Them... Us

My patient wife and adorable son. Why patient? because I'm not someone who is easy to be with. She's been patient with me all these while... thank you.

And thank you for the adorable son. I have found my anchor...

Warming the cold...

Recent trip with the guys to the Cameron Highlands. Thanks to Sharan & Haniza for making the trip possible.

Thanks also to you guys for making the stay  a fun one! And to the interns... thank you so much for lending us a bit of joy and happiness.. even if it's only for a short period of time. I appreciate it so much... you guys will be remembered...

Some random shots.. 


A'an - the funny expressionist..

Sha & Shu - the interns

Pah & Niza - generation gap

Afeef - the babe magnet

I just luv Cameron's beauties.. I mean the flowers.. ; )

The young ladies.. yes Haniza.. you too... (sigh)

okay.. okay.. you to Kak Sham... (sigh)

Haniza's pick.. "Arif.. cantik tak ni?" Cantikkkk.... (sighhhh)

never fear, the bouncer is here... and no.. I don't mean you Aiman..

a very chick looking D90..

a stray shot... this lady carried a D3s that day.. shezz...

Mr. Alpharian... Azlan

Tea farm..

Another stray shot...

bbq nite..


Group photo.. nice looking bunch.. and of course I'm not in...




3 ladies.. and a not so straight guy...

keep in touch.... : )