Friday, August 27, 2010

The sound of silence...

The sound of silence
fills my ears
with sight so serene
flowing in my being.
Never the same as any sight I've ever seen,
or any sweet thoughts in my dreams.

What is it that makes
the silence so inviting?
Is it the peace that it brings? or
is it the imagination that
comes along with the breath of wind.

So here i sit
thinking... wondering
what does it mean?...
My whole being singing,
while my spirit listen... hear,
dancing to a tune unheard
that only in mind rings so clear.

How I am thankful for this gift,
small it seems but so dear...
the sound of silence
flowing in my ears....


zara said...

stylo la Afeef! esok boleh jadi model dah nihh..haha

Lazarez said...

hehehehe... dh makin pandai posing skang ni...