Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fifa n the kids birthday... and one scary A&W bear...

Kids these days are so lucky.. mainly becoz parents these days have some extra money.. and more than willing to spend it on their children. Birth.. people come and shower you with money and gifts. Birthdays, people still come and shower them with money and gifts. 

Back in my day.. nobody care if it's your birthday.. the only times after your birth that people will care are; when you got married (if you are lucky enough that is) and when you die.. yes.. they will pay a visit (depending on where you die, if you die in prison.. then it's another matter).

Yes.. I'm rambling... becoz I'm jealous.. hahaha

So ... my buddy Eli and Fifa hosted a birthday party for the kids (also for the Mum) a few weeks ago. Only now I have the time to upload some of the shots of the day..

Eli and Fifa... more parties please.. Always remember the rule of thumb: free food = willing friends. And don't worry.. we'll bring some cheap toys for the kids.. hehehehe