Monday, March 8, 2010

Cameron Unfrozen

After a while of being dormant in hibernation, we venture out again and this time we find ourselves making a fool of ourselves at the Cameron Higlands..

My extended family.. FYI, I'm not that big.. it's the lens distortion..hehe

Afeef's fav.. uai aju aju..

These guys are awesome! When I grow up, I wanna be like them!

Ajip' Husna

Eli's Hussin

Rizal's Tasnim.. the oldest among the kids..

Kakak Erin..

This was where we stayed.. Villa Dahlia apartment. Not a bad place I should say.. given the price that we paid. We nearly burned this place down during our 'in-house' bbq session. I'm surprised there were no bomba siren screaming  coming our way that night.

View from my window.. the fog is just for show.. it's really not that cold..

Rizal.. this was during the all boys' lunch.. on friday noon.. during friday prayer.. shame on you guys! But we were all 'musafirs' .. I'm sure we traveled more than 90 marhalahs that day. And being such a 'mithali' husbands, we were dying inside thinking of the hungry ladies and kids at home waiting for lunch.. 

Choc strawberry.. made popular by Dato' Siti.. and those are not Dato' Siti's hand, if you are wondering..

Biggest tummy contest.. Eli won by a mere 1 inch.. congrats Eli! 

Nite market...

Beetles parade?

Babies parade?

Afeef n Mummy...

Erin n corn..

Mama Erin n pink hat..

lovely!!!!... legs... 

Red hot.. juicy strawberries...

Afeef n gang....

Honey seller .. straight from the comb.. 

Kids these days... stop harassing that poor old lady!!!

the chickent got burned.. but we managed to save the apartment... that's amazing feat in my book... we did good, brothers..! hooyah!
Next stop.. Kota Kinabalu!!!!


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alah kalo dh gemuk tu jgn nak slahkan kamera plak...hehehe

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