Thursday, December 17, 2009

Somebody...! make me laughhh!!!!!!

Yippeeeee...! I have a free ticket for the Live International Stand-up Comedy show for tonite.

It's been a while since somebody tried to make me laugh.. most of the time I only laugh at my own jokes.. and the only one laughing... hahaha...

For those of you who are interested, the show will be at the Zouk KL for 3 consecutive nites; starting from tonite, 17th Dec to 19th Dec. Tickets.. RM60 and I don't know how you can get them. I got mine for free.. courtesy of Celcom. Thank you kind Sirs..!

3 stand-up comedians who claimed to have mastered the art of making people laugh will be there; Irishman Dave Callan, Aussie James Moffett and a local guy Kavin Jayaram.

And owh.. this is not a promo... just thought that some of you guys might want to check it out.

So if I die tonite with burst intestines.. you know why and who to blame...


Kavin Jayaram said...

did you enjoy it?

Lazarez said...

hilarioussss!!!! I laughed so hard my head ached.

ermmm... are you really from Klang?